Kristin D. Robert, Broker

With fifteen years in the real estate industry and growing up with a family in real estate, Kristin knew that the time had come to embark on her own adventure and make an impression in her hometown. There is something to be said about going it alone and not being held to the constraints of big business so that clients don’t feel like they are lost in the crowd. Her objective when working with clients is to educate – sometimes that is in a small way, but the hope is that it is in a big way. Kristin shared that, “it’s frustrating to hear that people walk away from most real estate transactions feeling like it was cold and mechanical, lacking in passion. I want to change that and I want people to see the potential I find in a piece of real estate and get just as excited.” Investment property consulting, property identification, sales, and property management are Kristin’s greatest real estate strengths. She enjoys the challenge of investments, the relationship building with clients and managing assets for those who see a great deal of value for the services she provides. Kristin sums up a constant theme in this industry by saying, “Real estate is a fun and wild world to be involved in, but it has to be done with the right mindset, realistic expectation, and resourcefulness.” Bottom line – Kristin hopes that you know how important your piece of this puzzle is, that you are appreciated and she is here to help you identify either your next investment or your next home for sale or lease.

Now for the funny getting to know you stuff…because everyone should know how goofy their real estate Broker really is. Here you go, folks, straight from the mind of Kristin! (cue “Getting to Know You” from The Sound of Music)

Nickname: Kris Krash…it has nothing to do with my teenage driving record, I swear. Just don’t ask my mother.
Claim to Fame: My ability to not successfully grow an avocado tree since the age of 5. (Said everyone ever.)
What I Love Most: Oh, c’mon! This is where people get their feelings hurt. Okay, fine. Guacamole (which is a love/hate…see above), and of course my husband/family/friends/dog squad/theatre/breathing.
My Happy Place: Tough one…either inside a great fixer-upper property or on stage at the theatre/rehearsal, or home. I really, REALLY love my home…it’s where I “dwell well.” (See what I did there? Not-so-subliminal messaging.)